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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Psalm 119:45
Nothing is more desirable or precious than liberty.  Yet, there is nothing which we make more mistakes and enjoy less.  A woman complained to Dr. Charles Stanley when he was preaching in Russia that she did not enjoy her freedom—the guaranteed pension given by the Communists was gone and thus nothing was coming her way.

Man’s natural condition is one of bondage.  He has deliberately resigned and rejected his title to liberty by transgressing the terms on which it is based.  Scripture everywhere represents the unredeemed man as sold under sin, led captive by the devil, desiring good but unable to reach it.  This bondage is painful and degrading in its nature, and terrible in its consequences.
Man walks at liberty when he seeks and finds God’s precepts.  The soul is free only when it moves unhampered in that sphere where its true interests lie.  For us, the Bible is the only revelation of the great redemption, and alone shows how through the death of Christ and the work of the Spirit we may enjoy the liberty of the children of God.

When we gain freedom in Christ we have a new Master.  We should serve that new Master who has emancipated us from the terribly tyranny of sin and death with the same diligence as you did your old master.

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